TriMotion Component Parts List revised 10-15-10
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MMH-004-A Rotation Rod
MMH-005-A Motor Coupler
MMH-018-A Compression Lock
MMH-018-B TriMotion Key
MME-001-D Standard Motor
MME-001-E Large Motor
MME-002-B Cooling Fan
MME-003-B Standard Electronic Transformer
MME-003-D Large Electronic Transformer
MME-004-A 20 watt Halogen Lamps
MME-005-A Lamp Base
MME-006-A Motor or Light Switch
MME-007-A Fuse Holder
MME-008-A Fuse
MME-009-A Wiring Block Connector
MME-013-A Wiring Harness for Light Tray
MME-013-B Wiring Harness for Light Tray to Power Box
MME-013-C Wiring Harness for Power Box to Motor
MME014_A Wire Harness inside Power Box
MMP-023-A TriMotion Gear Box
MMP-004-A Triangle Top Cap
MMP-005-B Triangle Bottom Cap
MMP-006-A TriMotion Triangle
MMP-008-A Molded Motor Bracket
MMP-008-B Metal Motor Bracket
MMP-009-A Cutting Template Top
MMP-009-B Cutting Template Backing
MMM-004-A Rotary Cutting Knife
MMM-005-A Full Door with polycarb facia
MMM-006-A Full Light Tray