TRIMOTION Troubleshooting Guide (refer to diagram while troubleshooting)




Nothing works…lights are off and the triangles are not rotating.           Open the poster case door and press the on-off switches for the motor and the lights.
Check the fuse, which is located to the right of the on-off switches.


Some lights are out.           

Unscrew and slide out the light tray and then replace old lamps with new lamps.

Three left side or right side lights are out. One of the electronic transformers is burned out.
All lights are out. Both electronic transformers are burned out.
Remote possibility of a short or wiring problem.

Triangle Rotation

Some triangles are rotating and others are not rotating.

Make sure that the triangle is snapped into its gear by pushing the triangle up from the

bottom towards the top. If the triangles are snapped in then it is likely that a gear is stripped and needs to be replaced. If not snap it in you may need to loosen the set screw first then snap up the triangle and re tighten the screw.
No triangles are rotating.

Check that the coupler between the motor and the drive shaft is securely fastened.

Coupler is secured and no triangles are rotating.

Loosen allen screw to detach coupler from drive shaft.  Press on-off switch for motor to see if the motor is rotating the coupler while the drive shaft is disconnected.
If the coupler rotates then the motor is OK and one or more of the gears are jammed.

One or more gears are jammed or stripped.                

Replacement gears and replacement instructions will be needed. For jammed gears order at least two replacement gears. To determine if additional gears are stripped, gently touch the edge of each triangle by hand. If any triangle rotates when touched its gear is stripped and needs to be replaced. DO NOT FORCE ROTATION by hand.